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Sulzer, with 180 years of experience and expertise, adds value to our customers' processes through our best-in-class products and services. Our deep process and application knowledge together with a comprehensive understanding of market needs keeps us at the leading edge of technical development. Our knowhow and product reliability are based on close cooperation with the world’s leading pulp and paper producers, machinery suppliers and engineering companies.



Our extensive research and development with full scale testing facility and knowhow in pulp and paper, water, oil and gas, and power generation industries ensure that Sulzer's pumps and process equipment operate efficiently and reliably also in bioenergy production and in water and effluent treatment applications.Sulzer’s global delivery and customer service network, including advanced service and parts processing centers, provide qualified services for the entire product life cycle, day and night.



Our AHLSTAR pump series has proven performance with stocks and especially with liquids containing a high amount of gas. The latest addition to our product portfolio is the innovative SNS process pump range. It exceeds the highest EU standards of performance and reliability for energy-related products (ErP), and also the design requirements of the ISO5199 standard. For our customers this means substantial savings in total life-cycle costs and a lighter environmental footprint.

我们的AHLSTAR系列产品在输送泵浆,特别是含气量高的液体有卓越表现。最新产品SNS在性能及可靠性方面超越了节能产品的欧盟最高标准(ErP), 同时也满足了ISO5199的设计标准。 对于我们客户来说,这意味着能够在设备的使用周期内, 持续节约运行成本,减少对环境的影响。


Our MCE™ pumping system combines excellent performance with energy savings, while ZPP and Z22 low pulse feed pumps are designed specifically for high speed paper machines, and MBN multistage pumps cover a range of high pressure applications. SALOMIX® and Scaba agitators offer optimum mixing results, and our TMS tower management system prevents channeling in storage towers providing unique process advantages.

我们的MCE泵送系统高效节能, ZPP和Z22低脉冲进料泵特别为高速纸机冲浆泵设计,MBN多级节段式泵,适用于高压力应用场合, SALOMIX 和Scaba 搅拌器提供优化的混合方案,我们的TMS塔式管理系统防止料塔发生分流现象,具有独特的工艺优势。


With our full-line product portfolio, we can offer you the most eco-efficient pumping and mixing solutions, adding value to your processes through trusted, efficient, and first-class products and services.



We are looking for people who not only have excellent educational backgrounds but also show initiative, team spirit, and a will to succeed. We offer interesting job providing a challenging environment for development.

我们正在寻找有出色的教育背景,创新精神、团队精神和成功意愿的专业人员, 我们为员工提供富有挑战、有偿回报和促进发展的工作机会。


职位: 造纸行业高级销售


Main tasks and responsibilities


Visit customer in Pulp & Paper industry, Maintain good customer relationships, and collection the market information;

-负责确定本行业项目的投标报价方案,取得订单, 完成既定销售目标;

Responsible for making the quotation and bid salutation in the specific industry to get the order, achieve the sales target;


Provide professional support for area sales;


Follow up the order progress, get the payment on time, control the finished goods and account receivable;


Make the marketing development strategy to get a long-term development.


Provide the periodical training for the sales and tendering about pulp & paper making process knowledge.


Solve the problems of pulp & paper making process for sales and tendering.


Bachelor degree or above majored in pulp & paper;


Over 10 years related working experience;


Workable under pressure


Willing to travel frequently


Good team work spirit;


Fluent communication in English.


Please send you CV in both English and Chinese CV



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